HUAWEI DevEco Device Tool - HUAWEI HarmonyOS Device

HUAWEI DevEco Device Tool

A one-stop, integrated device development environment that can customize HarmonyOS components, compile and program code with just a few clicks, visually debug code, and integrate distributed features, providing for innovative and efficient development at all times.


What are the advantages of DevEco Device Tool?

1. It supports both GUI- and CLI-based operations and caters to different usage habits of developers. 2. It offers multiple burning and debugging methods. 3. It has integrated a wide range of tools for more efficient development.

What development boards does DevEco Device Tool support?

Development boards powered by HiSilicon chips, such as Hi3516D V300/Hi3518E V300/Hi3861 V100/BearPi-HM Nano, and development boards powered by third-party chips, such as Neptune boards, are supported. To learn more, see the DevEco Device Tool User Guide.

What OSs does DevEco Device Tool support?

Currently, it supports Windows and Linux.

What features does DevEco Device Tool provide?

Features including HPM, emulator, performance analysis, and compatibility test are currently available. More features will be introduced to facilitate development.